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How to choose Sweeter Watermelons with Ease?

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a big, juicy watermelons, only to bite into disappointment. But guess what? There’s a secret trick to make sure you always get the tastiest one at the store. And get this, it’s as simple as using your fingers.

You might have heard about thumping watermelons to check if they’re ripe. But here’s another neat trick: use your fingers to measure the markings on the outside of the watermelon. Just put your index and middle fingers together and compare them to the stripes on the melon. If the stripes are about two fingers apart, you’ve got yourself a winner!

This trick has become super popular on TikTok, with millions of people giving it a try. And it’s not just some new fad – it’s been around since 2021 and still works like a charm.

But wait, there’s more! You should also pay attention to the color between the green stripes. It should be a light greenish color. The bigger the contrast between the stripes, the better.

And here’s another tip: look at the stem. If it’s dry and kinda yellow-brownish, that means the melon spent enough time on the vine and is ready to eat.

Now, let’s talk about that patch on the side of the melon. It should be a creamy, buttery yellow color, not white or light yellow. The bigger the patch, the longer it ripened on the vine.

And finally, check the green stripes. They shouldn’t be too shiny – that means the melon is still pretty new.

So, armed with these tips, you’ll never have to settle for a bland watermelon again. Your summer drinks will be bursting with sweetness, and you’ll feel like a pro at picking the perfect melon every time!

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Erika Herbert
Erika Herbert