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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is like magic in a pot! Imagine a cozy kitchen, and you’re the chef on a delicious journey. With just a few ingredients, you can create a bowl of warmth and happiness. It’s easy-peasy, even if you’re not a kitchen expert.

First, grab a medium pumpkin and give it a friendly peel. Chop it into small pieces; it’s like creating pumpkin puzzle cubes! On your chopping board, make friends with an onion and garlic. Dice and mince them—tiny pieces bursting with flavor.

Now, it’s time to start the sizzle! Heat some olive oil in a big pot, like a cauldron for tasty spells. Toss in the onion and let it dance until it turns see-through. Garlic joins the party, filling the air with a delicious smell.

Add the pumpkin chunks, and watch them transform with a golden glow. Sprinkle cumin and nutmeg like secret ingredients; they add a dash of magic. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper, making your soup sing with flavor.

Pour in vegetable broth, like a waterfall of savory goodness. Let it bubble and simmer, filling your kitchen with a symphony of smells. After a cozy wait, blend everything until it’s smooth, like a pumpkin dream.

Time for the final touch! Pour in creamy coconut milk, creating a silky potion. Let it simmer a bit more, letting all the flavors become best friends. Taste it – add a pinch of salt or pepper if needed. Now, let your soup rest; it deserves a little break.

Ladle it into bowls, like pouring happiness into each one. Want a little extra? Sprinkle roasted pumpkin seeds or make a swirl of coconut milk. This pumpkin soup is your cozy friend on chilly days – a bowl full of joy and simplicity, just for you!

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

This easy Pumpkin Soup is a cozy delight, blending sweet pumpkin, spices, and coconut milk. With minimal prep, it's ready in 55 minutes, costing $10-$15 for 4-6 servings. A versatile dish for appetizers or mains, it's a comforting bowl of simplicity and flavor.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Resting Time 10 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 servings
Calories 200 kcal


  • Large Soup Pot
  • Immersion blender or regular blender
  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Ladle
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring cups and spoons


  • 1 medium-sized pumpkin about 4 cups of diced pumpkin
  • 1 large onion diced
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 4 cups vegetable broth
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • roasted pumpkin seeds, a drizzle of coconut milk, or a sprinkle of chopped fresh herbs (optional)



  • Peel and dice the pumpkin into small chunks.
  • Dice the onion and mince the garlic.

Sauté Aromatics:

  • In a large soup pot, heat the olive oil over medium heat.
  • Add the diced onion and sauté until translucent.
  • Add minced garlic and continue cooking for another minute until fragrant.

Cook Pumpkin:

  • Add the diced pumpkin to the pot, stirring to coat it with the aromatics.
  • Cook for 5 minutes, allowing the pumpkin to develop a slight caramelization.

Season and Simmer:

  • Sprinkle ground cumin and nutmeg over the pumpkin.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Pour in the vegetable broth and bring the mixture to a simmer.
  • Cover and let it simmer for 20-25 minutes or until the pumpkin is tender.


  • Use an immersion blender directly in the pot or transfer the mixture to a blender to puree until smooth.
  • Be cautious when blending hot liquids.

Finish the Soup:

  • Return the pureed soup to the pot over low heat.
  • Stir in the coconut milk, adjusting the consistency to your liking.
  • Simmer for an additional 5 minutes to allow flavors to meld.

Adjust Seasoning and Serve:

  • Taste the soup and adjust salt and pepper as needed.
  • Allow the soup to rest for 10 minutes before serving.


  • Ladle the pumpkin soup into bowls.
  • Optionally, garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds, a drizzle of coconut milk, or chopped fresh herbs.


  • Make sure to use a sweet pumpkin variety for the best flavor.
  • Adjust the consistency by adding more broth or coconut milk.
  • This soup can be made ahead and refrigerated for a day; flavors often deepen upon reheating.
Q: Can I use canned pumpkin for this recipe?
A: While fresh pumpkin is recommended, canned pumpkin can be used as a time-saving alternative. Ensure it’s pure pumpkin without added sweeteners or spices. Adjust the quantity accordingly.
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Erika Herbert
Erika Herbert