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Are Green Potatoes Safe to Eat?

After a tough week, you finally spot a glimmer of hope in your pantry: a trusty bag of potatoes. You envision crispy homemade fries in your future. But what happens when you pull out those spuds and they’ve turned an unfortunate shade of green? Are your fry plans dashed? Let’s dive into why potatoes go green, whether you can still munch on them, and how to safely indulge in your potato cravings.

Why the Green Hue?

When potatoes soak up sunlight, they start to sport that green tint. It’s all thanks to chlorophyll, a term that probably rings a bell from your school days. Chlorophyll is harmless and gives plants their lush green look.

But here’s the catch: when potatoes get green, they might also have more solanine. This bitter compound can mess with your taste buds and even cause health issues.

The Safety Factor

Green potatoes are a no-go zone. The increased chlorophyll often means more solanine, which isn’t friendly to your taste buds or your tummy. Eating too much of it can lead to tummy troubles like nausea and tummy aches, plus headaches and other pesky problems. While you’d need to munch a mountain of green potatoes to feel these effects, it’s wise to stick to this golden rule: if it tastes bitter, give it a pass.

How to Salvage Green Spuds

So, are you stuck tossing out a whole bag of green potatoes? Not necessarily. If just a part of your potato has gone green, you can still salvage the rest. Simply slice off the green bits and use the rest safely. The experts suggest peeling off the skin too, as more solanine hangs out there.

To ward off green taters in the future, keep them away from sunlight in a cool, dark spot like your pantry or basement. That way, you can enjoy your fries without worrying about any unwelcome shades of green.

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Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith