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Cured vs. Uncured Bacon – What is the Difference?

Have you ever strolled down the bacon aisle at the store and noticed something peculiar? Amidst the usual “cured” bacon packages, there are some labeled as “uncured.” It’s a bit baffling, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t all bacon cured? Well, let’s unravel this mystery together.

What is Curing?

Curing means treating meat with salt to keep it fresh for longer. This salty magic prevents nasty bacteria from making the meat go bad and adds a tasty twist to its flavor. Sometimes, they throw in some sugar, herbs, or spices to jazz it up even more. Both “cured” and “uncured” bacon start off as slabs of pork belly getting a salty bath, either wet or dry. Then, most of them take a leisurely smoke bath to seal in the goodness.

Cured vs. Uncured Bacon

Now, what about cured bacon? This type of bacon usually gets its pinkish hue and longevity from a mix of table salt and sodium nitrite, often called pink salt. It’s the superhero of preservatives, keeping bacon fresh and rosy for ages.

But what about the so-called “uncured” bacon? Well, here’s the scoop. There’s technically no such thing as completely “uncured” bacon. It’s a bit of a fib. Instead, they use sneaky celery salt, which has natural nitrites, to work its magic on the meat. The label “uncured” usually means no artificial nitrites were added, but the bacon still got its preserving powers from nature’s own celery salt.

Now, you might wonder if cured and uncured bacon taste any different. Honestly, not really. Sure, they use different tricks to keep fresh, but the flavor is pretty much the same. It’s like choosing between two equally delicious ice cream flavors – you might notice a tiny difference, but both are still scrumptious.

In the end, whether it’s cured or uncured, bacon is bacon – a savory delight that adds a crispy touch to any meal. So, next time you’re eyeing the bacon section, remember, it’s all about the salty love that makes it oh-so-good.

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Oliver Sterling
Oliver Sterling