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Keeping Cilantro Fresh: Storing in the Fridge or Freezer

If you don’t store fresh cilantro correctly, it can start to droop and go bad quickly. One way to keep cilantro fresh is by using the jar method. Just change the water every so often, and it can last for two to three weeks. Another trick is to wrap the stems in a damp towel and put them in a bag or container.

Even though cilantro might not be the main ingredient in your dish, it adds a special touch to lots of different recipes, like guacamole, rice, sauces, and meats. This leafy green herb has thin stems and delicate leaves, so it’s easy for it to wilt or dry out if you don’t store it the right way. Once cilantro wilts, it’s hard to make it perky again, so storing it properly is really important.

Effective Storage Methods

To keep cilantro fresh for as long as possible, try the jar method. First, check the cilantro for any damaged stems and get rid of them. Trim the ends of the stems and put them in a jar with some water, making sure the leaves stick out like a bouquet. Cover the top with a clean plastic bag and put it in the fridge. Remember to change the water every few days.

If you don’t have space for a jar in the fridge, you can use a plastic bag or container instead. After checking and trimming the cilantro, wrap the stems in a damp paper towel and put them in a bag or container. Store it in the crisper and check the paper towel every few days to keep it damp.

Freezing for Extended Use

You can also freeze cilantro for even longer storage. Lay the clean, dry stems on a baking sheet and freeze them. Then, put them in a freezer bag and store them for up to a month. Another way is to chop the leaves and stems, put them in an ice cube tray with water or olive oil, freeze, and store them in a bag.

When you freeze cilantro, it might lose some texture and color, but the flavor stays mostly the same. It’s best to use frozen cilantro in cooked dishes like soups and sauces, rather than as a garnish.

By taking a few extra minutes to store cilantro properly, you can make it last for weeks and avoid wasting it. Whether you’re using the jar method, storing it in a bag or container, or freezing it, you can keep enjoying the fresh taste of cilantro in your cooking.

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Maya Clark