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Brown Eggs Vs White Eggs: How Are They Different?

Growing up, choosing eggs was easy – medium, large, extra-large, or jumbo, all in white, neatly packed in Styrofoam. Nowadays, the egg aisle is like a treasure trove with options ranging from free-range to vegetarian, in packs of six to 24. Your egg experience has become more personalized. The big dilemma now: white or brown shells? Brown eggs might look fancier, while white eggs seem simple. But, are they really different?

First things first, eggs come in various colors, not just white and brown. At local markets, you might spot gray, blue, or even green eggs. The color depends on the chicken breed. White-feathered chickens usually lay white eggs, while those with red feathers lay brown ones, although exceptions exist.

Health-wise, white and brown eggs are twins on the inside. Forget about the shell color; nutrition and cooking applications are identical, unless you go for omega-3 enriched eggs. And no, white eggs aren’t bleached – all eggs are sold in their natural colors.

Do brown eggs taste better? Nope! Flavor variations come from the hens’ diet, not the shell color. Farm-fresh eggs might have a richer taste due to different feed, but commercially, they’re all the same.

Why the price difference then? Brown eggs cost more because the chickens producing them need extra nutrients for the brown shell color. However, these nutrients don’t affect the eggs’ health benefits – it’s just a production cost thing.

When it comes to cooking, whether you’re making pickled eggs, guacamole-stuffed eggs, or classic soft-boiled eggs, brown or white eggs work equally well. The only true difference between them is the color of the shells – and perhaps the price. Regardless of the shell, the taste and nutritional benefits remain consistent. So, go ahead and enjoy your eggs, no matter the color!

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Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith